Coach Success Story: “I made more than $25,000 and paid off my student loan debt!”


Meet Danielle H., a Star Diamond coach on my team, one of my very good friends, and my personal Success Partner.

Two years ago this week, Danielle decided to take the plunge into Beachbody coaching.  She was overweight, unhealthy and BURIED in student loan debt. At the rate she was going, it would take a little over 10 years to pay off her student loan debt… in fact, she was looking into ways to defer her student loans because she didn’t have the extra money to make the payments!

Instead, she decided to join a Turbofire Challenge Group. Once she saw amazing results (and they were amazing!  In fact, they were so amazing, Beachbody paid her an extra $1000 for sharing them in the Beachbody Challenge!!), she set a goal to pay off ALL of her student loan debt as a BEACHBODY coach…and that ONE decision changed her entire life…

Now, Danielle is:

          • Healthy (and not a bit overweight!)
          • Happy
          • Confident….and PRESENTS on STAGE to hundreds of people!
          • Teaching as a fitness coach
          • Excited about her future and the endless possibilities
          • She just paid OFF COMPLETELY one of her THREE student loans.
          • She WILL BE debt free THIS year!
          • She’s on track to DOUBLE if not TRIPLE her Beachbody income this YEAR alone!In just two years working part time as a coach (she still has a full time job!!), she’s made OVER $25,000 dollars, earned multiple FREE trips, paid off more DEBT than she imagined was possible, and has changed countless amount of lives just by sharing her journey and helping others get healthy, happy and financially free like her.  And all because of one decision she made to TAKE CONTROL of her health.

Want more information about how you can TAKE CONTROL of your health and finances with a career as a Beachbody coach?  Check out this post for more information or message me for details!

Amy Allen star diamond coach


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