21 Day Fix: Weekly Meal Plan #2

Ok, I’ll be honest – the first week of the 21 Day Fix didn’t go exactly the way I planned…  Love the meal plan, love shakeology, love the workout and love my little portion control containers… but even with all that, life happens.  I spent most of my week in the car driving back and forth to funerals, which is not what I was expecting to do this week.  But life happens and you do the best you can, and the next week, you don’t quit!!  You make a new plan and keep going!

Here is my second 21 Day Fix Weekly Meal Plan.

21 day fix weekly meal plan 1200 calories 21day dya autumn calabrese week long meals

The screen shot is a little fuzzy, but you can download the pdf file here:

21 day fix weekly meal plan for 1200 calories (pdf download)

I’d like to have more of the recipes included in the meal plan uploaded to the blog, and I’m working on that.  If you want to get them as soon as they are available, subscribe to the blog!!

Click here to see last week’s meal plan!!

And if you would like more info about WHAT exactly the 21 Day Fix is and HOW you can be part of my next test group, read this post and fill out the application today!  Spots are filling up quick… and trust me, you want in!  Results from the first group were amazing – as much as 14 pounds lost in just three weeks (the average was NINE pounds!! Gone! Forever!)



12 thoughts on “21 Day Fix: Weekly Meal Plan #2

  1. Robin says:

    I love the idea of chicken fried rice. How did you do it? I’ve made fries rice before just wondering how you did it. Thanks!

  2. Connie Molinaro says:

    Hi Amy!
    what are the recipes for the your 21 Day Fix Salad, Asian salad, turkey meatloaf with oatmeal, and 21Day Fix Wrap???? I printed out your meal plan to use as a guide and I was puzzled as to what you are putting in those recipes, they sound yummy!!! I really appreciate it!!!

    I too am a cancer warrior (Colon CA 2012 Stage 2) Keep on FIGHTING!!!

  3. Jenny says:

    I ordered my 21 day fix thru my beachbody coach but really like your meal plans for the week and would love to get some of your recipes? I found a few but is it possible to get more from the charts you have posted for week 1 & 2?

  4. Kelly says:

    I’m on week two of the 21 day fix, and I love looking at your meal plans to give me ideas! (I get bored of the same thing over and over). One question (Kind of at a loss right now because I LOST my book!); Isn’t 1/2 a banana a Purple? 🙂

  5. nancy says:

    Love your menu plan. Nice to see some common dinners like meatloaf. LOL seems like whenever I go looking for menu plans I find uncommon dishes that my family would no way try let alone eat and I really don’t want to have to make mutiple meals to satisfy everyone. I’m the food adventurer in this family. When I catch a few I think I need to check out your blog.

  6. Krichelle says:

    I love your meal plans. They are delicious and super easy. So much better then the recipes beach body gives you. You seriously should work for beach body and have them pay you for your amazing simple recipes.

  7. sylvia sanctious says:

    I have a gastric band and would like to try this plan ,but drinking a shake may not be ideal for me
    give me an alternate,

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