Looking for a reason NOT to join Beachbody? I’ve got 9 of them for you!

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A lot of times when you hear about a business opportunity, people want to convince you why you would be perfect for it…

Well, today I want to share with you all the reasons it may NOT be a good fit.  These are the objections I typically hear about why you wouldn’t be a good coach – check them out and see which applies to you:

1. I don’t have the money to be a Beachbody Coach.

WHAT?! This is an opportunity to make money, not an effort to make you spend it! Our first goal as a new coach is to cover the cost of your own products, and then we build from there. I was able to pay for my one time sign up fee in my first day of coaching. We never want  you to spend money as a coach or, as I call it, “run a Beachbody charity”. This opportunity has totally changed my life financially. I was able to pay off unsecured debt (which was HIGH) and now we have extra money to do FUN things like travel and make improvements to our home and land 🙂 If money is a concern, then sadly, you are too broke to NOT do this.
2. I’m not a sales person.

Would you consider yourself a sales person for recommending your favorite nail salon or restaurant to everyone you meet who is looking  for one of those services? Of course not! It is perfectly natural to “sell” something that you personally love and maybe even feel passionate about. As a Beachbody Coach you are doing exactly that – recommending an awesome product that you love to someone who is looking for a solution to their problems. And in this case, you earn at least a 25% commission when anyone you share with decides to purchase. As a coach, I simply share my own story and the stories of others who have had success with the products – and people fill my inbox every day with requests to join my challenge groups. Just like that.
3.  I’m not a fitness expert.

Good – most of us aren’t and you don’t have to be! All you need to be successful is the desire to help others – no need to be a personal trainer or nutritionist. Really, we are just an accountability partner, friend, and fellow warrior on the road to better fitness alongside of our challenge group participants. We leave the fitness professional stuff to the makers of the Beachbody products who include everything people need in the DVDs and guides.

4. I don’t have enough time to be a coach.

While Beachbody is not a get rich quick scheme, it is still not a business that requires a lot of time. Many coaches started while working a demanding full-time job, and many of these same coaches have since left their full-time jobs because they exceeded their full time salary (while only working part-time on their Beachbody business). I am at a point where working 2-4 hours a day, 5 days a week has afforded as much as $1600/week income. I do not regret finding the time to do this and you won’t either.

5. I’m not in good shape.

It doesn’t matter! When I went to my first Beachbody event, I was so excited to see that Beachbody Coaches are all shapes and sizes. We are all at a different point on our journey – you may just be starting out and that is ok! People love to follow people who are struggling through the same things they are, or who have gone through it before, because they GET IT.
6. Beachbody is a pyramid scheme!

This is the biggest misconception about Beachbody Coaching that I come across. Everyone wants to complain about pyramid schemes – except few people actually know what they really are. A pyramid scheme is an illegal business model that requires people to pay money to join and there is no actual product. Beachbody is a network marketing company, which is a business model that has been in existence for many decades. If you’d like more information on Pyramid Schemes vs Beachbody, let met know.
7. I need prior business experience.

While this is a business and you must be committed to it, all we do is share our experience more than anything else. Beachbody spends millions of dollars each year on advertising, which makes the products a household name. Everyone has heard of P90X! You also don’t handle any of the products, or returns or processing – this is all done for you. I  had no experience running my own business when I started, and it hasn’t stopped me from making my income and won’t stop you either.
8. Only the people that started first make any money!

This is simply not true. Beachbody, like any network marketing company, is structured in a way that there is no limit on your earnings. The person that started before you might never decide to work their business and make nothing, while you could earn $50,000. You are not limited to what anyone “above” you is earning – the only person directly related to your earning potential is you. I did not get in early at all and it’s had no effect on my success story.

9. But my friend tried Network Marketing and it didn’t work…

So many people see their friends start up and then quit. Quitting isn’t how you succeed! I always tell people to be here one year from now, giving consistent effort throughout that first year. Learn from those around you who have been successful and follow their example. Success will not happen overnight – the ones who stick it out are the ones making the big bucks. Remember that this business is still a job,  and you still have to work for it – you can’t sign up and do nothing and expect money to fall into your lap overnight. On the flip side, signing up with the right mentor who has an established and proven training system will make a huge difference. I have personally recruited many “former failures” from other companies and seen them to a ton of success because I work very diligently on their training, mentorship, and professional development. You might be shocked at your potential when these things are available to you.

I hope this post lays to rest some of your misconceptions about Beachbody Coaching and gives you a little more insight into what the company does. Do you have any other questions about Beachbody Coaching that I haven’t covered in this post?  Ask away and I will do my best to answer them!

2 thoughts on “Looking for a reason NOT to join Beachbody? I’ve got 9 of them for you!

  1. Mariana Andresen says:

    I enjoyed reading the 9 Reasons Not to Join Beachboddy. This is a great opportunity for miliary spouses since Beachbody offers a discount. Now that we’re at our new base, I think Beachbody is calling my name. After the new year, I’m going to talk to my husband about joining your team and staying in 🙂

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