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Do you struggle with debt?

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This isn’t a part of my life I like to talk about… but I remember the day I applied for food stamps. We were already receiving WIC checks. Matt and I were so young, living on one income while I finished school, and we had this sweet new baby to take care of…

Have you ever had the feeling of not being able to afford formula for your baby? If you haven’t, let me just say that it was a pretty low moment for us.

Back then, most of our arguments happened over money, debt and the fact that I didn’t always handle money the greatest.

To be honest, that’s an area I’m still working on.

When Matt would get promoted or when our income increased, we increased our lifestyle right along with it. The battle of never ending stress just kept coming and then it three years ago, my battle with cancer.

I knew things had to change. I didn’t know at the time what this disease meant for my family but I knew I had to fight to get better. I wanted be there to raise my kids. I wanted to be around to take care of my family.

I saw a friend posting about Shakeology. The price tag was STEEP. Was it in our budget? Definitely not… but I knew I needed to sacrifice somewhere to invest in my health. If you’ve never thought about dying, never thought you might not be there to watch your kids grow up… It’s scary. And somewhere inside I thought this was the answer.
I became a coach to save 25% off my monthly dose of super-foods… because every penny counts right? I’m not sure why as moms we always put ourselves last but this was ONE moment I couldn’t afford to do that.

Three years ago that ONE decision made a huge impact on not just improving my health but also on our family’s financial future.

This Thursday, I was able to walk into the bank, hand them a $13,000 dollar check and PAY OFF our van, all because I’ve helped other people through their own struggles.

I never thought in my wildest dreams I would be a six figure earner with Beachbody, let alone building up a savings account to help attack our debt.

Are we out of debt? Not yet. However I can see a light at the end of the tunnel doing something that I love. I see a future that is debt free all while Matt still remains the amazing provider that he is serving our country.

I almost didn’t share this post. I never want to come across as bragging but when I shared it privately with my team, I had an out pour of “You are going to share this, RIGHT?!?!” I prayed about my intentions even before sharing and I know in my heart it’s to show there is hope within struggles.

I hope if you are struggling in ANY area of your life, know that there IS always a solution somewhere.

I decided just SIX weeks ago to save my next SIX paychecks and whatever it would be would go towards our van. I was floored to see I have MORE than I needed to say goodbye to that debt forever!

What I get to do while still homeschooling our children is the bridge between living a comfortable life with some debt that 80% of Americans currently have and true freedom to realize it won’t always be that way. From one decision I made just 3 years ago… which was simply putting myself first so I could be the best wife, mother, teacher and mentor to others.

You don’t have to be in debt.

You CAN put yourself first.

It just starts with a decision that you are worth it.

If you are ready to make that decision, NOW is the perfect time…
I’m currently accepting applications for my Fall Mentorship Program – shoot me a message at or fill out the application here —->
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