My Personal Journey


In June of 2011, I gave birth to my youngest child, Matthew. Shortly after, I noticed a lump in my neck. After a biopsy confirmed it was Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, I underwent surgery where I had a golf ball size lump removed from my neck. At only 28, with three small children at home, I found myself in the fight of my life! Luckily I have had an incredible support system in my husband, my mom, and the rest of my family and friends.

During this time, I also found a new support system with Beachbody! One of my good friends introduced me to Shakeology — a nutrition supplement that helped me get through 12 rounds of chemotherapy. It helped me stay nourished, maintain my weight, and kept me regular when a stool softener couldn’t.

Now almost exactly one year after the birth of my son, I am cancer free and in the best shape of my life. It has become my passion to encourage others who are going through a similar fight and to help them in any way that I can. If you are struggling with cancer or know someone who is, please contact me! I would love to send out a FREE sample of Shakeology in the hope that it will help you as much as it helped me.


I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be. I can only share my personal experiences. Anyone fighting cancer should seek a professional opinion before beginning a nutrition supplement.

  • The Ultimate Reset: Review from a Cancer Survivor/Post Chemo
    If I could recommend one thing to every cancer patient who has finished chemo and beat cancer, it would be the Ultimate Reset. During chemotherapy, cancer patients spend months filling our bodies with chemicals to fight the war on cancer. When it was all over, there is nothing I wanted more than to purge my … Continue reading The Ultimate Reset: Review from a Cancer Survivor/Post Chemo
  • My first post chemo ponytail!
    #throwbackthursday My first post chemo ponytail! How many of you can relate?  This picture is from about 9 months after my last treatment.  I’m still amazed at how fast my hair has been growing – thanks Shakeology!
  • Homemade Laundry Detergent
    Post-chemo, one of the things I became a fanatic about was cutting out chemicals from my life.  No, no one knows what causes the type of cancer I had, but since my treatments, I have done everything in my power to ensure that if it does come back, I won’t be able to blame myself.  … Continue reading Homemade Laundry Detergent
  • The Neulasta Shot
    I knew chemotherapy would be bad. I knew it would make me sick, nauseous, and tired. But I didn’t realize that the shot the next day would be worse. I had chemotherapy every other week. And the day after chemo, I went back in to get a Neulasta shot to boost my white blood cell … Continue reading The Neulasta Shot
  • Product Review: Nioxin
      Product Review:  Nioxin   If you have read any of my story, then you probably know that I didn’t lose my hair during cancer. You can watch more about that in my YouTube video. But my hair did thin out quite a bit and so to combat that, I used a product called Nioxin. … Continue reading Product Review: Nioxin
  • Hair regrowth after chemotherapy
    I fully attribute this to drinking my Shakeology daily…  Seems like it grew back really fast.  The picture on the left is about 1 month post chemo, the right is 6 months post chemo (including two trims!).
  • Overdoing it
    Okay, I can’t be the only one who does this. As soon as I found out I had cancer, I was scared. I was scared that I wouldn’t be there to raise my kids. I was scared that my two boys wouldn’t remember who I was. I was scared that someone else would help my … Continue reading Overdoing it
  • Get in the picture!
    Have you seen this article? It’s written by a photographer who wouldn’t get in front of the lens because she was ashamed of her weight. Or maybe this one? It’s a mom who realized that she was never in pictures with her kids. They didn’t like the way they looked and so they stayed out … Continue reading Get in the picture!
  • Product Reviews: Shakeology
      Product Reviews: There are so many products I use, things I’ve discovered by trial and error and I wish someone would have just told me from the gate… so this is the first post in a series of products I would recommend to someone going through cancer treatments.  These are products I used, I … Continue reading Product Reviews: Shakeology
  • Foreshadowing
    I’ve noticed a trend in my life. Anytime I start to get complacent or cocky or think “that could never happen to me,” that exact thing happens to me.   For example, I watched Super Nanny one time – remember that show? And I remember thinking “I’m so lucky; my daughter would never act that … Continue reading Foreshadowing

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