Homemade Fruit Rollups!

Part of my mother’s day present included lots of new plants – including 2 flats of strawberries.  It’s be a while until we start picking them, but I wanted to share this fun recipe for a healthy, sweet fruit treat that kids will love (and it’s also 21 Day Fix approved!!).

homemade fruit roll ups strawberry raspberry honey 21 day fix recipe cheat sweet whats up moms video

5 cups fresh fruit
1/2-1 Tbsp honey (optional)

1. Preheat oven to 225.

2. Blend fruit and honey in blender until very smooth.

3. Pour mixture onto parchment lined baking sheets (I usually use 2) and spread until thin. You want it to be very even so it will cook evenly. Otherwise, you will have some dry parts and other burned parts!

4. Remove from oven when the rollups are not stick (about 2-3 hours). Let cool then slice and roll!

strawberry fruit roll up 21df day fix 21 approved whats up moms


What is Coach Summit?

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What is Coach Summit?

Coach Summit is Beachbody’s annual conference. It’s when all the new products are announced and available for purchase. It’s the place where you can attend trainings from the top coaches in the business as well as guest speakers such as Seth Godin, John Maxwell and Darren Hardy. You get to meet our trainers like Tony Horton, Shaun T, Chalene Johnson, and Autumn Calabrese, have photo ops AND workout with them live. You get to meet and hear from the people who work in our corporate offices and connect with them. And it’s when all of our coaches get together to meet in person, since many of us have only met online. We get to spend time with people who understand what we are trying to achieve as coaches, to learn from each other and then take what we have learned and go out and GROW our businesses.

There is no substitute for Coach Summit. The impact it has on your business is unmatchable. The first year I went to Summit, I was less than 2 months post chemo. The weekend of Summit was the same weekend as my youngest son’s first birthday, and my husband was deployed. Guess what? I went anyway. I attended the workshops on Thursday and Friday but left early to get home for my sons birthday party on Saturday night.

It was the best decision I could have made for my business. I honestly doubt that I would still be a coach if I hadn’t attended that event. It sparked a fire in me and gave me the tools I needed to go grow my business. I went to Summit as an Emerald coach and within two weeks of returning home, I had made Diamond. In July (the month after Summit), I earned over 20 Success Club points and tripled my income. My trip more than paid for itself in July by applying what I had learned.

If you are serious about this business, figure out a plan to make it to this event.

When is Coach Summit?

Normally, Coach Summit is the third weekend in June. This year the event is on June 19-21.

How much can I expect to spend to attend Coach Summit?

coach summit expenses

(Pst – want to download this file in a pdf?  Click here – coach summit expenses)

The total cost will be different for everyone… but the bottom line is this – it doesn’t matter how much you spend to get there… if you take what you have learned and APPLY it, you will easily earn back what you have invested and then some. I have coaches on my team who come from Okinawa and Korea to attend this event and it is worth every penny.

Make plans NOW to attend. There are ways that you can cover many of your expenses for free – earn them!! If you are serious about your business, take advantage of this opportunity and the things you CAN do to offset your costs and figure out a way you can be there. I promise you won’t regret it.

Amy Allen star diamond coach

What is the 21 Day Fix??

21day fix collage

The 21 Day Fix is the newest fitness program on the market, scheduled to be released on February 3rd. It’s a totally unique concept in the fitness world for a few reasons – it’s exercise and nutrition COMBINED into one all inclusive program, you only workout for 30 minutes EACH DAY (!!) and you can see killer results in JUST 21 DAYS. This is virtually unheard of, especially since this is NOT a crash diet or an extreme starvation diet – it’s a sustainable, HEALTHY change and (big shocker!!): YOU CAN STILL HAVE DESSERT!

This rapid weight loss program gives you a nutrition guide with portion controlled containers, a workout program, plus the support and accountability of ME as your coach.

Yes, it’s true – now there is a program that makes losing weight so easy and simple to follow, you’ll never have to diet again! This is the 21 Day Fix, the newest breakthrough from Beachbody.

21 day Fix review

So what is the 21 Day Fix??

The 21 Day Fix program takes the guesswork out of weight loss. It’s a unique portion-control system combined with easy-to-follow 30 minute workouts that fit into anyone’s busy schedule. Trainer Autumn Calabrese shares her passion for food and fitness as she shows you how to make simple choices that add up to life-changing results.

I can’t even begin to share how stinking excited I am about this!! How many of us FEEL like we are doing everything we can but we just aren’t seeing any changes?? You’re going to the gym 3-5 times a week, you’re working hard than anyone there… you think you are eating healthy, but no results?? IT COULD BE SOMETHING AS SIMPLE AS PORTION SIZES… And this program, the complete package, can help you pull it all together and finally see the results you are looking for!


As a top Team Beachbody coach, I got the chance to try this workout live during our annual Leadership conference in Dana Point, CA. I’m not going to beat around the bush… it was HARD. 30 minutes? Should be a piece of cake, right? But I was literally struggling to get through it (in a good way!) and I definitely felt it the next way. This isn’t an easy program… it’s designed to get results. Push through and there is NO WAY you won’t see a change in 21 days.

IMG_4572 IMG_4661

One truly awesome thing about the workout is the modifications. Every single workout has a modifier, so if you are just starting out on your fitness journey, that’s ok. A beginner CAN do these workouts. And if you are more advanced, you will follow the advanced instructor. Literally EVERYONE can benefit from these workouts. It is a positive and motivating workout and I will be ordering the MINUTE it is released.

 containersScreen Shot 2014-01-19 at 9.08.31 PM

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the eating guide and I have to say, I have been BLOWN AWAY. It’s so simple, easy-to-follow and the way I feel since I have been following this plan is incredible. I have been eating pretty healthy for a while now, but having these guidelines has made a big difference in my bloating (!!) and in the way I feel. I’m really looking forward to having the actual containers to continue eating this way daily.

So how can you get your own copy of the 21 Day Fix?

For starters, go to my site and create a FREE account which makes ME your Beachbody coach. Then I will send you the details on the 21 Day Fix during the week of Jan 27th. I will be hosting an EXCLUSIVE test group for anyone who would like the support, guidance, motivation and accountability to start and complete the program.

If you want to be part of the test group, submit the application below to be considered for a spot in the group. The group will be only a SELECT group of individuals with are READY TO COMMIT to 21 days of focus and intensity. I will be right there with you to help you navigate the eating plan, to teach you how to plan your meals, to make it work for your life and most importantly, to keep you accountable.

The group is run through an online closed support group, which means no one but those participating in the group can see what is posted. I WILL NOT LET YOU FAIL! If you will invest in me, I will invest in you, your health, and your fitness. The only cost to you is the cost of the challenge pack which will include EVERYTHING you need to get started. It includes the 21 Day nutrition guide, the program manual, the workouts, the containers, Shakeology and a Shakeology Shaker cup, free shipping, a discounted price and ME as your coach for accountability, support, and guidance.


It took a HUGE wake up call for me to get started on a healthy lifestyle – cancer!! Having cancer made me realize I needed to change the way I was taking care of myself so I could be there to raise my kids… and this is something I want for ALL OF YOU. I want to help you TAKE CONTROL of your health so you can life a full healthy life with no regrets… so why not start now? Don’t wait for that wake up call… this is it! This is your chance to change your life. Why not now? Why not you? Be the next transformation!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 11.22.21 PM

21 Day Fix EXCLUSIVE TEST GROUP Application Form


Now Accepting Applications!


Want to learn how you can earn a full time income working from home and earn free vacations for your family while helping yourself and others achieve their health and fitness goals?

Beachbody is the company that makes P90X, Insanity and the 21 Day Fix. They also sell the top nutrition supplement on the market, a meal replacement with more than 70 superfoods called Shakeology. They also have an amazing home business opportunity like Pampered Chef or Scentsy but without the parties. Basically it works like this – you get amazing results with Beachbody products, share the benefits with your friends and family, and you make a commission off anything that is ordered through you.


I have been working as a coach for Beachbody for about 18 months now. I started when I was going through chemotherapy and drinking Shakeology really helped me during my treatments. It’s a quality product that I love and believe in. I never expected that this would be the start of a career for me, but having cancer was a wake up call for me.  I wanted to be around to take care of my kids, and having cancer made me realize that I needed to change the way I was eating, exercising, and taking care of my body.


I started running monthly challenge groups for my friends and family, to help them start exercising, eating clean, and taking care of themselves.  I wanted to pass on what I had learned to everyone that I knew.  I watched my friends start getting results, feeling better about their health and becoming more confident.  Aside from being a mom, it’s the most fulfilling job I’ve ever had.


By the end of my first year as a coach, I was making as much as I used to make at my full time job, before I stopped working to stay at home with my kids. By this summer, I had doubled that amount. I’m on track to be making a six figure income this year, working from home.  In my first year, I also ended up earning a free trip to Disneyworld with my family and then another one to Argentina.  In my second year, I earned a trip to Dana Point California and a cruise to Cozumel and Grand Cayman.

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 2.18.00 PM

I started out working 1-2 hours per day and now I work 3-4 on a long day. The extra income we have has allowed us to become financially free on a military income and we are able to live without stress about money.

I am looking for people who believe in the company and our products, who want to end obesity and disease, to join my team. I will be working with you one on one with them to create the same sort of results that I have seen in my own business. If that is a step you are ready to take, watch this video and submit your applications via the link below.  I look forward to hearing from you!


The 21 Day Fix… AVAILABLE FEB 3

If I could provide you with a 21 day work out program including a meal plan that is easy to follow, uses a simple portion control system and tells you exactly what to eat…and you could lose 10+ lbs (!!) would you be interested??

Beachbody will be releasing a brand new program, The 21 Day Fix, on Feb 3 and I am SO STINKING EXCITED about this program. It embodies everything that I believe in as a health and fitness coach.

  • It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.
  • It teaches clean eating and focuses on whole (not processed) foods.
  • It’s 30 minutes a day of exercise.
  • It will retrain your body and CHANGE your LIFE if you let it.

So what exactly is the 21 Day Fix?  Check out this video to find out the details…

If you want to be among the first to be notified when it’s released, fill out this application for for my exclusive 21 Day Fix Accountability group!




Product Review: Nioxin

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 10.26.47 PM


Product Review:  Nioxin


If you have read any of my story, then you probably know that I didn’t lose my hair during cancer. You can watch more about that in my YouTube video. But my hair did thin out quite a bit and so to combat that, I used a product called Nioxin. It’s just a shampoo/conditioner/scalp treatment for thinning hair, but it helped me tremendously. It thickened my hair and stimulated hair growth in the areas where it was most thin. You can get it from a beauty store like Ulta for just from Amazon. I highly recommend #6 which is specially formulated for thinning, chemically treated hair. Even if you have never had a perm or had your hair colored, go for the chemically treated one because you have so many chemicals in your body from chemotherapy.


Here is a link to the product on Amazon (I don’t get any kick back from this, so feel free to use it or not! It’s just here for convenience).

Product Reviews: Shakeology

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 10.10.52 PM


Product Reviews:

There are so many products I use, things I’ve discovered by trial and error and I wish someone would have just told me from the gate… so this is the first post in a series of products I would recommend to someone going through cancer treatments.  These are products I used, I loved, and I depended on during my treatment.




Shakeology is a nutrition supplement. You can add it into a normal diet or use it as a meal replacement. In my opinion, it is the best on the market. It is 100% natural, no artificial ingredients or sweeteners, and it contains more than $40 of fruits and veggies in each glass.

It also has over 70 super foods, including many that are associated with cancer fighting or cancer prevention (check out my board on pinterest for some of the ingredients that are thought to fight or prevent cancer and what they do!!).


I initially ordered Shakeology to lose weight after my youngest son was born. When I found out I had cancer and started chemotherapy, I decided to keep drinking it as a nutrition supplement. There are so many days that you just don’t feel like eating and I always felt that even if I didn’t have anything else to eat that day, I would feel good knowing that I had all those fruits, veggies, vitamins, minerals and super foods already in my body.


As I went through chemo, I realized that Shakeology seemed to be helping me deal with the side effects typically associated with treatments. Let me give you some examples…


One side effect of chemotherapy is constipation. On days of my actual treatment and 2-3 days after, I didn’t drink Shakeology. I developed an aversion to everything I ate on those days. And during those 2-3 days, I could not go to the bathroom. My nurses prescribed a stool softener for me but it didn’t seem to make any difference. I soon realized that as soon as I had my shake on Day 3, I would go to the bathroom within 30 minutes. It wasn’t a fluke. It happened every time. Even my husband noticed and when I would complain about constipation, he would tell me to go drink my shake. And this makes total sense! One of the things that Shakeology does is improve your digestion and regularity.


Another place I noticed reduced side effects was in my hair loss. One of the ingredients in Shakeology is Maitake mushroom (more on that in another post!). It is thought by the American Cancer Society to reduce hair loss during chemo (link) and it is in Shakeology! You can read more about my hair loss journey here or watch my YouTube video here but to sum it up – I didn’t lose all my hair! Over the course of 6 months, I only lost about 1/3 and kept enough that I never had to shave my head. And the rate it has come back in has been phenomenal. I’m not going to lie. My hair has always grown fairly fast, but since starting Shakeology, it’s growing at about twice it’s normal speed – almost an inch each month. And that’s not just my opinion. I’ve brought this up numerous times and my fellow Shakeology drinkers agree – it significantly speeds hair growth and improves the health of your hair.


I experienced very little nausea. I was given a nausea medicine via IV prior to starting each treatment. But I was also sent home with additional nausea medicine that I never had to take. And I think Shakeology might be part of the reason for that. The Maitake Mushroom among other ingredients is thought by the American Cancer Soceity to reduce the side effects of chemo, including nausea. And guess what. Yep, that’s right, it’s in Shakeology.


Finally, there’s the energy factor. Shakeology fuels your body with the food you need and the difference it makes in your energy level is amazing. I felt tired for 2-3 days post treatment but once I was back on my shake, my energy shot back up. I literally had more energy during my treatments than I had had for the four years prior. And I still had a newborn baby waking up several times a night!


This product literally helped me so much, I wanted to share it with everyone I knew. I signed up to be a health and fitness coach through the company who produces the product so I that could continue to share it with my friends and family as well as other people who are going through cancer treatment. It’s a product that I fully believe in and have been drinking daily for a year and a half. And the way it makes me feel is so amazing, I will continue drinking it for the rest of my life.


*Just as a disclaimer – Drinking Shakeology did not cure my cancer. I believe that was caused by completing my treatment plan and through the power of prayer. But I do believe that Shakeology lessened the side effects of chemo because mine were significantly less than anyone else I know. I also believe that changing your diet will decrease the chance of cancer returning in the future. I AM NOT A DOCTOR. I am just an ordinary person, sharing my personal experience. You will have to decide what is best for your future.


Read more about Shakeology here!


Chemo and Hair Loss/Regrowth

When I found out I had lymphoma, I was in denial. I honestly had no idea what it was. I remember sitting in the doctor’s office – my kids were in the waiting room with my husband and I was back in the office by myself waiting the results of my biopsy. I didn’t expect to hear cancer but I was braced for the worst. My doctor came in, led me to the chairs and we sat down. In retrospect, I should have see it coming. They don’t sit you down for good news.

As soon as I heard lymphoma, I kind of tuned out. I didn’t know what it was but I was relieved not to hear the word cancer. Then he started referring me to an oncologist and scheduling me for surgery. I remember going through the motions without really realizing what was happening. I scheduled the appointments and went out to tell my husband. Somehow I managed to make it out of the waiting room without crying which is unusual for me because I am normally a crier. This was the start of a roller coaster ride of emotions. Up to this point, I had convinced myself that there was nothing to be worried about but now it was real. I had to call my mom and dad. I had to tell my kids I had cancer. And I thought that would be the worst of it, but nothing prepared me for losing my hair.

All of my doctors told me, with ABVD treatments, to prepare for my hair to fall out on Day 16. That’s how it happens – it starts to tingle and then falls out in chunks. I went to the wig shop to find myself a wig to wear when it happened. While I was there, I met a lady 6 months post chemo with such short hair and she told me to think carefully about the wig I chose because chances are I would be wearing it for over a year – not just through chemo but also for the year afterwards as I waited for my hair to grow back in. I left the store crying. That was news no one tells you and I was completely unprepared for it.

But for me, Day 16 came and went. I was living in fear, tempted to just shave my head to avoid the trauma of waking up to hair on my pillow. But my hair didn’t fall out in chunks. Every other week I went in for treatments and my nurses joked about how well my hair was still holding on. Over the course of the next six months, I gradually lost hair. I tried things to hold on to it – used special shampoo, tried different hair cuts, drank supplements – and all that helped some. In the end, I lost about 1/3 of my hair and eventually started wearing a wig or a baseball cap because it was so thin. The wig gave me severe headaches if I wore it more than about 2 hours so I only wore it to church and wore my one baseball cap everywhere else.

I have my own theory on why I didn’t lose all my hair, as I shared in the youtube video at the beginning of this post, but the bottom line is NOTHING prepares you for the emotional stress caused by losing any or all of your hair. I looked in the mirror and I felt ugly. That was not me. In my mind, I was still the girl with long blonde hair that I had always been and when I walked by the mirror, that was a stranger looking back. It was the single most tangible reminder that I had cancer and it doesn’t go away as soon as the cancer is gone. You have to continue to live with it.

About 6 weeks after my treatments ended, I got a pixie cut to even out my hair. I couldn’t dye it blonde, my normal regimen to disguise my gray hair, because I was warned that the chemicals in your body from chemo could affect the hair dye and not react with it properly. I actually got a lot of compliments on this hairstyle, but I didn’t believe them. I just felt like the girl with cancer, who everyone feels sorry for, and people were just telling me it looked good to make me feel better.

About 9 months ago post chemo, I got my third hair cut. It was a pretty short bob with even shorter bangs but for the first time in over a year, it actually fetl like I have a hair style that I might have chosen. It was blonde again too. And just like that, I could finally move on. That tangible reminder is gone. Just yesterday, someone complimented my hair and for the first time in 18 months, I believed them. When I realized that, I started to cry.

I know I’m not the only person to feel this way: My hair was part of my identity. When I lost that, it was like losing a part of myself and I wasn’t prepared for it because it wasn’t in any of the books I read. No one mentioned how much that impacts you, how much it affects you mentally. It’s not a superficial thing. It’s not being vain. And you are not alone in feeling this way.